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Issue # 1                                          July 2021
the Official Newsletter of South Atlanta Firearms Training

Tel# 877-806-0109    

When I started South Atlanta Firearms, my focus was delivering firearms training. I had no idea how it would so quickly snowball and allow us the ability to expand and offer so much more. We have been able to refine our vision and commit to promoting what we believe to be the SAFEST Training experience in the industry.   


We are committed to safely preparing our communities to protect themselves by the most appropriate means tailored to everyone’s ability.  Our training goals enable you to be confident in using self-protection skills, proficient in using self-protection tools and prepared to Respond With Life Saving Measures.


We are expanding our brand by creating and delivering a Newsletter with GIVEAWAYS EVERY MONTH

Our newsletter will contain:

  • Articles- we have a lot to share

  • Training-we know, does not end in the classroom or on the range

  • Video Content  -  We want to show what we are doing and share what others are delivering

  • Updates on law changes as we become aware of them

  • Links to blogs and  Podcasts

  • Partners who want to get their message to our audience

  • Guest writers and submissions from our partners and affiliates


Along with this content we will be implementing MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS and we have these scheduled for of 2021:

  1. USCCA and NAAGA Training Classes

  2. Range Bags/Self Defense swag bags

  3. Medical Emergency Kits

  4. Event Tickets

  5. Firearm GIVEAWAY

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